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There is no absolute infertility!

We treat even the most hopeless cases of infertility
using the most effective methods of reproductive medicine

Various egg donation
 and surrogacy programs

100% money back in case of 5 unsuccessful attempts
within egg donation program

Infertile couple can choose the most appropriate donor

BioTexCom has an extensive base of egg donors who undergoes a full health check

  • Clinic has a wide database of donors who meet all individual requirements of clients.

  • To increase chances of pregnancy our doctors use only fresh eggs.

  • Individual approach for each patient allows to reach positive results even in the most complicated cases.

  • Modern approaches, high professionalism provide patients with guaranteed result.

  • Couples of any age can use help of reproductive medicine and find happiness of parenthood.

  • Multilanguage staff makes the stay of foreign clients in clinic more comfortable.

  • We offer a free initial consultation

    All prices are fixed according to a package


Our clinic

A second child through surrogacy in BioTexCom

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UK couple tell success surrogacy story

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We safe to say that there is no absolute infertility!

More than 20% of couples all over the world have some difficulties with pregnancy beginning. From day to say diagnosis of infertility has been gaining momentum. Clinic of Reproductive Medicine “BioTexCom” confidently states the whole world “There is no absolute infertility!” Doctors of our clinic treat even the most hopeless cases of infertility.

You will ask why?
Director of Clinic of Reproductive Medicine “BioTexCom”, Totchelovskiy Albert, is a German citizen; he has used European experience and introduced the best practices in the treatment of infertility in UkrainianCenter. Addressing our specialists, you will highly appreciate European standards and level of health care in BioTexCom clinic. Under the direction of a German specialist, Mr. Totchelovskiy, BioTexCom medical center introduces the latest methods of assisted technologies to treat the most hopeless cases of infertility.

“BioTexCom” tops the list of leading centers for the treatment of infertility with the help of assisted methods of reproductive medicine.

Embryologists who work in our center use the most successful method of working with blastocysts (during IVF procedure embryo transfer is carried out on the 5th day). Thus, chances for successful pregnancy during in vitro fertilization program significantly increase! Donation program was also thought things through in favor of patients. Clinic has a serious donors’ database to make client possible to choose egg donor who will meet all his individual needs. Each couple receives individual own donor.

“BioTexCom” medical center works completely legally basing on the appropriate laws of Ukrainian state. Also, with the support of the legislation, our medical institution has no age limits in carrying out IVF and surrogacy programs. Such advantage allows couples of any age to use help of reproductive medicine treatment and find happiness of motherhood and fatherhood.

The most much talked-of case in the whole world is a 66-years-old woman from Switzerland, who gave birth to healthy twins after treatment in the “BioTexCom” clinic. And this is not an isolated case. “BioTexCom” center is widely known in the field of artificial insemination because of high fertility rates and a high standard of services. Our professionals provide all who address them with individual treatment plan and favorable conditions that contribute to a successful finish result.

A number of programs for the treatment of infertility, which are conducted in “BioTexCom” clinic, have a rate of 70% efficiency. We work with a package of infertility treatment with a guarantee. Pricing policy of our center significantly differs from other clinics and was composed in such way to minimize the program’s cost for patients.

Medical center “BioTexCom” puts into practice the most effective and modern methods of artificial insemination. Team of professionals fights for every positive pregnancy with each couple individually. Sometimes it is even hard to believe in achieving a successful outcome, but correct methods of infertility treatment help to gain happiness of motherhood and fatherhood, even in most hopeless cases. We safe to say that there is no absolute infertility! Visit “BioTexCom” clinic and make sure yourself!


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    Criticism is the first sign of success!

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