We would like to congratulate our most aged patient, who gave birth to healthy twins in her 66 in Switzerland. We gave her an Egg Donation Package with guarantee. The woman induced us to surrogacy, but because she was single, we had no right to give her the surrogacy program; therefore we assign her with an Egg Donation “SUCCESS Package”, which provides a 100% result. The method of differential stem cells was applied for the first time, thanks to this the twins Michael and Joshua were born.

BioTexCom Reproductive Medicine Center is one the leading centers for artificial insemination in Europe.

Due to the combination of long-term experience and advanced technologies, BioTexCom has shown one of the highest birth rates. Our clinic is known for attentive care for the patients, individual treatment planning and favorable conditions for reaching satisfactory results.

BioTexCom Center is widely recognized in its field of work. The clinic is equipped with advanced technological facilities and applies recent scientific research results. We have a local embryology unit, laboratories and surgeries ensuring high birth rate, care and conveniences.

BioTexCom staff is multilingual and includes legal experts, doctors, interpreters and psychologists.

The clinic offers extensive surrogate mother and egg donor database created to suit your personal needs so that you don’t have to wait too long to launch the program. Our center specializes in work with blastocysts. We perform embryo transfer on the 5th day, which highly increases chances of pregnancy. We select individual donors for each couple.

Surrogate mothers are also selected individually. It assumes that we take into account all your wishes concerning potential candidates for surrogate motherhood: her age, appearance, education, religious beliefs etc. Surrogate mother database of BioTexCom clinic represents candidates of childbearing age, nice exterior, good medical record, having minimum one healthy child of their own. You can choose a surrogate mother among several candidates we shall offer.

Psychologists of BioTexCom clinic offer consultations for surrogate mothers prior to entering the program, during and after pregnancy.

If you require infertility treatment using modern technology and various kinds of infertility therapy, our highly experienced doctors and employees may offer you the whole list of analyses and various options for male and female infertility treatment. We will discuss possible ways of infertility treatment, from the use of fertilization stimulating medication (ovulation induction) or artificial insemination to assisted reproductive treatment like IVF (in vitro fertilization), ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), pre-implantation diagnosis and egg donation. After discussion we shall develop an individual treatment plan to suit your physical, psychological and emotional needs.

The above said is based on several facts. Firstly, we witness rapid development of medicine. Infertility treatment has currently become more successful than ever before: the number of “unexplained infertility” diagnoses has decreased dramatically. Until recently in many cases one could only dream of solving the problem. Today competent infertility treatment has rendered pregnancy possible even in case of complicated diagnoses.

Secondly, we rely on our medical practice. During the existence of BioTexCom clinic the majority of couples who came to us have become parents. We could hardly believe in positive results at times, but correct infertility treatment has helped some practically hopeless couples to experience parenthood.

In the recent years BioTexCom center has accumulated unique experience of surrogate motherhood programs management and realization. High quality of our services combines with long-term experience and professionalism of our doctors who understand the problems of fertility-challenged couples.

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