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  • Maternity leave for parents of surrogate children

    Maternity leave for parents of surrogate children

    Surrogate motherhood has split the world into two camps – “in favor” and “opposed”. Surrogacy conduction is prohibited by local law for example in Germany, Austria, Norway and Spain. In such countries as Australia, Great Britain, Denmark, Israel, Sweden, Canada and Netherlands it is allowed to carry embryo of infertile couple but without taking aRead more →

  • Customer Feedback

    Customer Feedback

    Kelly:  Ukrainian clinic BioTexCom was the fifth one we have addressed. My husband and I faced some reproductive challenges therefore we can’t have children in a natural way. We tried clinics in different countries but unfortunately there were no positive result. We just spend a great amount of money, time and most of all weRead more →

  • FAQs
  • Beware of cheating!

    Beware of cheating!

    How to choose law-abiding reproductive medicine clinic and to avoid illegal companies It is extremely important and serious decision to become pregnant, especially if you have decided to use methods of reproductive medicine in addressing this significant issue. Unfortunately, in this sphere you can face with swindlers and fake clinics of reproductive medicine. Having decidedRead more →

  • Necessary documents for an Embassy

    Necessary documents for an Embassy

    All the documents should be original and if in Russian/Ukrainian then accompanied with certified translation into English. You should provide an additional photocopy of all supporting documents when you apply. Documents required for surrogacy, when applying directly for a passport without registration (only possible where surrogate mother is not married) C2 passport application form duly completed along with credit card authorisation form andRead more →