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  • Terms


    Amenorrhea – suppressed menstruation Androgen – predominantly male steroid hormone Andrologist – one of the failures of male’s fertility Antibody – solvable glycoproteins that are present in blood serum of intercellular lymph; or present in cellular membrane which recognize and bind antigens. In vitro fertilization – the term refers to fertilization that takes place outsideRead more →

  • Analyses required for egg donation program

    Analyses required for egg donation program

    Analyses And Examinations Required For Women: Rw, HBs, HCV, HIV, syphilis (made no more than 6 months before that) TORCH infections (rubella and toxoplasmosis) Vaginal discharge analysis Karyotype analysis (termless) Blood group and Rhesus factor (termless) Complete Blood Count (CBC) made no more than 1 month before that Biochemical blood count (bilirubin, AST, ALT, kreatinin,Read more →

  • Laser assisted hatching

    Laser assisted hatching

    Embryo must break the membrane for the successful pregnancy. There is a special method – laser assisted hatching in order for the embryo to break the membrane and make the process easier. This hole can be made mechanically with the help of pipette, special laser and is created with the biological acid. But there isRead more →

  • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

    Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

    Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis means cellular – biologic and molecular – genetic examinations with the help of which a decision is taken whether an embryo which is received via artificial insemination is implanted to the alvus or not. PGD is used to determine inheritable diseases and harmful peculiarities of chromosomes and for determination of child’s sexRead more →

  • Sperm donation

    Sperm donation

    When a couple can not conceive a baby due to the husband’s bad sperm quality, they can use donor’s sperm to solve this problem. Reproduction medicine makes sperm transfer. The sperm of a volunteer donor is used. There are sperm banks, where sperm is frozen (cryoconserved) and used by reproductive medicine clinics. Sperm donation isRead more →