• Sperm donation

    Sperm donation

    When a couple can not conceive a baby due to the husband’s bad sperm quality, they can use donor’s sperm to solve this problem. Reproduction medicine makes sperm transfer. The sperm of a volunteer donor is used. There are sperm banks, where sperm is frozen (cryoconserved) and used by reproductive medicine clinics. Sperm donation isRead more

  • Egg cell donation

    Egg cell donation

    Egg cell donation is a possibility to have children when it is impossible to get pregnant on own egg cells. We have egg cell bank in our clinic for egg cell donation, and we can offer you many young, attractive and healthy donors that will start the treatment and stimulation simultaneously with you. Advantages ofRead more

  • Female infertility

    Female infertility

    Almost one third of women have problems with reproduction function. Infertility can be influenced by deregulations or severe illness. If endocrine profile is defective, chances to conceive decrease; this means that egg cells do not mature and ovulation does not happen, or a fertilized egg cell can not attach. Hormonal causes There are many deregulationsRead more

  • Male infertility

    Male infertility

    Women infertility is not always the reason for the sterile marriage. Circa in 30-40% childlessness is caused by women infertility, in other 30-40% of cases biological cause of infertility lies in a man. In 15-20% both partners are infertile, in other 5-10% it is impossible to define the infertility cause. The most widespread cause ofRead more

  • Family Code of Ukraine

    Family Code of Ukraine

    ( Vidomosti Verkhovnoi Rady (VVR), 2002, # 21 – 22, p. 135) (As amended by the Law # 407-IV (407-15) of 26 December 2002, VVR, 2003, # 7, p.70) For download full version of this document (.pdf) – click to link – Family-Code-of-UkraineRead more