BioTexCom is ramping up its activity and launching new programs

The clinic is working, and the number of new patients is growing every day! BioTexCom accepts foreign patients, regularly conducts follicular punctures and embryo transfers for them, as well as signs new contracts.

The demand for surrogacy programs is increasing. By the next year, the line for launching these programs at the BioTexCom center may reach 2-3 years of waiting. Primary appointments of surrogate mothers and egg donors do not stop either. Every day the number of women who come to the clinic to become surrogate mothers or donors is growing. Foreign embassies in Kyiv have also adjusted their work. More than 50 diplomatic missions have already resumed their functioning in the capital of Ukraine.

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Surrogacy in Ukraine

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We safe to say that there is no absolute infertility!

For many years, The Center for Human Reproduction BioTexCom has been successfully conducting and improving our programs of surrogate motherhood and egg donation for infertile couples from around the world. BioTexCom medical center has an outstanding reputation, takes pride in providing consistent results that leave our clients satisfied, kindles international media interest, and year by year continues leading groundbreaking research in the reproductive medical field. BioTexCom perfectly combines our professional team, certified talented doctors, Ukrainian hospitality and a high success rate of medical programs. Our doctors have developed the most effective methods of infertility treatment and achieve successful results while conducting a minimum number of IVF attempts.

Much of BioTexCom clinic is owed to famous Ukrainian embryologist, geneticist, and scientist, Yury Verlinsky. He was one of the first in the world to introduce pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), which is now very popular in modern reproductive medicine. He also initiated PGD use for the prevention of hereditary diseases. Due to Yury Verlinsky’s developments, BioTexCom center has the opportunity to conduct IVF programs for women of all ages, while minimizing health risks and excluding fetal abnormalities.

Our clinic has a history of producing impressive results. In 2012, a 66 year old Swiss woman arrived at the BioTexCom clinic and went through the IVF program with donor eggs. After treatment, she successfully carried and gave birth to healthy twins. Women in their 40’s, 50’s, and even 60’s have successfully achieved motherhood as a result of BioTexCom’s IVF, surrogacy, and egg donation programs. The Center for Human Reproduction BioTexCom received an award for providing the best service (Customer Service Award). We are pleased to provide our international clients with managers who are fluent in: English, German, Italian, French, Romanian, Hebrew, Korean and Chinese. BioTexCom is the only clinic of reproductive medicine in Europe where clients are offered the most favorable conditions and a 100% guarantee.

BioTexCom Medical Center was founded in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, by a German citizen Mr. Albert Totchilovsky. He has gathered rich European experience and combined it with the unique skills of Ukrainian specialists. Doctors of BioTexCom center work successfully with even the most hopeless cases of infertility. Our clinic’s services give the joy of parenthood to thousands of infertile couples from around the world. After numerous failed IVF attempts, our clients find us, because there is no absolute infertility for BioTexCom specialists!

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BioTexCom in international mass media: what does European press say about Kyiv reproductive center

Year after year, the number of people who wanted to give an interview about clinic’s work increased. Most citizens of Germany,France,Italy,Spain, England and other countries, Ukraine has become the place of the legal conducting of such ART programs as surrogacy and egg donation.