25/01/2018 – Top Mistakes within the Surrogacy Process



Anastasia, Head of English Department, is talking about common problems caused by mistakes our patients can make when they are going through surrogacy, in order to make your surrogacy process at BioTexCom more positive. Here is the list of some issues mentioned in this webinar: 1. You do not read attached documents and do not follow the recommendations there.

2. You do not provide full information, especially when we talk about assessment of possibility of stimulation.

3. You do not check visa arrangements between our countries.

4. You do not confirm the dates of initial consultation before booking of your tickets.

5. In case of ovarian stimulation you ignore our requirement to obtain authorization for hormonal stimulation, especially if there were oncological diseases or heart/kidney/blood conditions.

You can find answers to these and many more questions from the webinar.