Analyses required for egg donation program

Analyses And Examinations Required For Women:

  1. Rw, HBs, HCV, HIV, syphilis (made no more than 6 months before that)
  2. TORCH infections (rubella and toxoplasmosis)
  3. Vaginal discharge analysis
  4. Karyotype analysis (termless)
  5. Blood group and Rhesus factor (termless)
  6. Complete Blood Count (CBC) made no more than 1 month before that
  7. Biochemical blood count (bilirubin, AST, ALT, kreatinin, complete protein)
  8. Koagulogram
  9. LH (luteinizing hormone)
  10. FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone)
  11. Vaginal and cervical canal swab (no more than 6 months before)
  12. Microscopic examination of vaginal canal
  13. Pelvic organs ultrasound
  14. Breast ultrasound
  15. Attending physician’s opinion
  16. Anti-muller hormone test

Analyses and examinations required for men

  1. Rw (Wasserman test)
  2. HBs
  3. HCV
  4. HIV (no more than 3 months before)
  5. Blood group and Rhesus factor (termless)
  6. Karyotype analysis (termless)
  7. Spermogram (no more than 3 months)
  8. ICSI screening