BioTexCom – more than just a clinic of reproductive medicine

Modern reproductive medicine can work miracles: thanks to IVF programs, many married couples managed to become parents. BioTexCom Center for Human Reproduction provides a 100% guaranteed result, even for those couples who have already lost hope for successful treatment.
“There is no absolute infertility” – with this slogan for 10 years, a team of experienced doctors (all doctoral staff is candidates of medical science with 20 years of experience, members of European associations) helps to find the happiness of fatherhood and motherhood in the most hopeless cases. The clinic provides a full range of IVF services, including endometrial transplantation, mitochondrial donation, and surrogacy, which is legal in Ukraine.

Treatment at BioTexCom: “all-inclusive” system and how to get into the surrogacy program
Initially, a heterosexual married couple, having read all the information on our website, is in correspondence with the clinic and decides to go to Kyiv, Ukraine. The clinic helps only couples with diagnosed infertility: that is, if a woman is healthy, can independently bear and give birth to a child, but simply does not want to do it because of her personal beliefs or unwillingness to spoil the figure, then such clients will be denied. A married couple provides a package of documents confirming the impossibility of becoming a mother: diagnosed infertility, cancer, diabetes, psychological problems, etc.

The couple will have to get to Ukraine at its own expense: if this is an air trip, then at the airport you will be met by our manager and taken to a hotel or an apartment by car. Clients have at their disposal the Venice Hotel, where you can not only stay, but also use massage rooms, nail salons, there is a baby-room, and babysitting services. When staying in an apartment, customers are provided with a nanny.
The next day, the couple comes to the clinic for consultations, familiarization with the existing medical documents, and additional delivery of medical tests by both the wife and husband. Depending on the final diagnosis, the pair is offered an algorithm for treatment. The BioTexCom “all-inclusive” service system means that all costs and possible risks are covered by the clinic, and 100% guaranteed results are provided even to those clients who have undergone unsuccessful infertility treatment at other clinics around the world.

Endometrial transplantation and mitochondrial donation
We are applied by clients who have gone through several unsuccessful IVF procedures and have lost hope of becoming a mother. However, with endometrial tissue problems, even the highest-quality embryo grown in vitro and placed in the uterus will not take, and IVF will be unsuccessful. Endometrial autotransplantation, followed by IVF, is recommended for such patients. As a result, women can have a long-awaited pregnancy that ends in childbirth.
If a woman has a low ovarian reserve – a reserve of eggs, then the mitochondrial donation is recommended to her. This treatment program is relevant for women over 40 who have treated infertility with IVF, but the procedure has failed. A woman at any age can become a mother and give birth to a baby with the help of mitochondrial replacement therapy if she is mentally healthy. A client receives the medications, takes them at home according to the instructions. Shortly before the procedure, it is necessary to arrive at the clinic, where, under the supervision of a specialist, donor cells are transplanted.

Surrogacy: why you have to wait so long
If the only way to become parents is to use the services of a surrogate mother (SM), then the couple needs to be patient. BioTexCom approaches the selection of SMs very carefully, so future parents have to wait, sometimes for about a year. Before the couple passes all the tests, signs the documents, and flies home, the husband must also give his sperm sample several times, which is stored in the clinic frozen. The further process depends on the woman’s condition: if the patient is under 40 years old, her ovarian reserve is in a good state, then the fertilization procedure is performed with her cells and her husband’s sperm; after that, the embryo is transplanted to the SM.

In cases where the female body does not produce eggs, the procedure is performed with donor eggs (you can choose a donor from BioTexCom’s database) and the husband’s sperm. During defrosting quality of sperm is not lost, therefore, as soon as the SM is ready, the sperm is defrosted, fertilization in vitro is carried out, and the embryo is transferred to the surrogate mother.

Since then, future parents are constantly kept updated on the news: the couple receives a full report on the health status of the SM and the child, the results of the first ultrasound of the future baby. In the 16th week of pregnancy, SM is screened for genetic diseases; she regularly arrives at the clinic for Skype communication with future parents. In case of pregnancy loss by the SM, that stage is not paid for, and the program starts anew until the long-awaited baby is born, all documents are completed, and happy parents go home. The clinic pays all current expenses before the baby is discharged – its food, medical care in case of prematurity, etc. The VIP clients of the clinic receive a full newborn care kit, and with a standard contract – a cot and a bath.