Customer Feedback

Kelly:  Ukrainian clinic BioTexCom was the fifth one we have addressed. My husband and I faced some reproductive challenges therefore we can’t have children in a natural way. We tried clinics in different countries but unfortunately there were no positive result. We just spend a great amount of money, time and most of all we were tired psychologically. But one day we heard about BioTexCom center and decided to try for a final time. With the help of BioTexCom doctors today we bring up our long-awaited twins ))))))

Monica: I liked this clinic very much. To say the truth, firstly I thought that it will be something not so good, as it is inUkraine…. And I know anything about this country. But in factKiev capital is extremely beautiful state and concerning BioTexCom it’s a good clinic with appropriate services.

Lilly: Most of all I liked stuff of the clinic. Workers are very friendly and try their best to fulfill all wishes and needs of client. As of treatment, we used IVF in BioTexCom, and from the second attempt I became pregnant. What can I say…  as of now I am a happy mother)))

Hanna: My husband and I were positively surprised with high level of service in this clinic. In particular, we met welcoming managers, who help couples during all treatment process. Citizens of different countries can work with manager who speaks his language. Great center!

Nick: Yes, clinic is good. But it seemed to me that it is too little. There are a lot of patients and sometimes we had to wait and not enough space in little building.

Victoria:  We had a program in BioTexCom. At the end we received positive result but frankly speaking all the process was too long for us, sometimes we waited for the answer so much. Due to it we could not plan our time. Except of this fact clinic is nice.

Adrian: Really good medical center. Being in BioTexCom I have a great manager. She helped me in all issues and I am extremely thankful for her help and moral support. Due to my health problems it was rather difficult to treat and much time was needed. But that’s worth the effort.

Ban: Yeee, good hospital, and doctors reach needed result. But I didn’t like the building and its condition. I guess such popular clinic with a great number of visitors is able to afford modern, cool renovation and maybe more tasty biscuits)))))))

Linda: I want to recommend BioTexCom everyone who has problems with reproductive function. In addition to a baby you can see wonderful countryUkraine and to get acquainted with its citizens. We certainly will come back once more toKiev together with our son  ;)))))

Barbara: A great advantage of this medical institution and country where it is situated is absence of age limit for IVF procedure conduction. It made me possible to become pregnant at the age of 47. I gave a birth to a healthy beautiful child with the help of IVF and professional doctors of the BioTexCom.

Larry: I can say that staff of this clinic fulfills all work very well. During my visit to BioTexCom there were a great number of patients nevertheless doctors and assistants made everything in time and were very careful. I liked it very much. Thanks thanks thanks!!!!!!

Karen: I can’t understand why so successful clinic had such a little building???? There are a lot of clients and small space(((( I don’t know, maybe in the nearest time they will develop but today it looks like ant hill ))))) But doctors of course try their best to create appropriate conditions for treatment and comfortable atmosphere.

Betty: Oh, it seems to me that it’s a magic medical institution! I lost any hope to have a child but visiting BioTexCom we together with doctors made my dream come true))))) Using surrogate motherhood I have a child!!!!))))))) And surrogate mother is great, she is very nice and there were any problems.

Amy: I’d like to say thank you soooo much!!!! for all who help our family to become parents!!!!! Biotexcom makes the most cherished dream come true and it’s no matter what is the size of the building or number of doctors. The main thing is that this clinic makes infertile people happy.

Diane: We have made IVF procedure in BioTexCom, as a result we have twins. We are extremely happy parents. Moreover, we plan to use services of this clinic once more as we are satisfied with it.

Gloria: Before visitingUkraine and BioTexCom clinic I thought that it’s a wild country with obscure medicine. But after reading some information and speaking with people who have already been inUkraine I decided to try my fate and visit Biotexcom as only its doctors could help me legally. I was surprised SO MUCH!!! In addition to successful treatment I have seen a great tourist country and communicated with Ukrainians.

Joan: Thank you very much dear doctors and managers of the BioTexCom!!!! My husband wanted a child so much but due to my disease I can’t bear a child in a natural way. We gave up hope but visiting this Ukrainian clinic we found happiness, our child. Yes, it was very difficult and we spend much time to go through all procedures and treatment but it was worth it. Now our family at last consists of tree members: my husband, I and our daughter))))))

Ruby: Good center, appropriate level of services and welcoming workers. They try their best to live up to their reputation.

Tina: Yes, clinic is really nice. And speaking with its clients I understood that clinic’s workers work day and night to make their patients feel comfortable. Nearly all cases have a positive finish. And this indicator is a reflection of the fact that BiotexCom is clinic that you can eat up.

Emily: Functioning of this clinic is thought through for foreign visitors. You receive a driver, translator, accommodation and other things that you need being in a foreign country. All these are included in the package (treatment program) you buy.

Wendy: Clinic is rather small… And I wonder how all medical treatment rooms, chambers and so on are housed in it???? Nevertheless we obtained the looked-for result, my wife is pregnant so I hope everything will be good and in future we will be able to come to BioTexCom with our child to express our thanks.

Kim: I can say that extremely careful managers work in BioTexCom. They make a translation of everything that happened and help to find your sea legs in a new country and in particular in medical center. I was fully satisfied with my visit to this center.

Sylvia: We had a surrogacy program in BioTexCom. Of course we were afraid and nervous a lot. As it’s very important and serious step. But team of clinic’s workers help us to feel comfortable and calm. The most sob moments are ultrasound investigation when we were able to see and herd heart beating of our child and of course his birth. Incredible feelings!!!!! And all these we made scene thanks BioTexCom clinic.

Monica: I had an opportunity to get acquainted with BioTexCom director. We had a serious situation and I was afraid that there will not be good end. But director together with clinic’s managers make it all right with us and solve all issues. So, I can say with sure that all information concerning clinic’s service that can be found in internet are absolutely true.

Dana: I have a child from the previous marriage but when I married my second husband of course we wish to have common child. But due to my age I can’t do it in a natural way. We visited some clinics of reproductive medicine but they couldn’t help us. Seeing great advertising of BioTexcom we decided to try as everything we read about this center fully fell under our case. So we came toUkraine and we are very happy we have made it. I gave birth to our child using IVF.

Dolores: I had two attempts of IVF in BioTexCom and after the third one I became pregnant.  I have problems with my fertility but my husband and I always believed that we will have our child. This clinic is wonderful!!!! Thanks to all doctors!!!!

Katie: When I wanted to have a treatment in BioTexCom clinic I was said that there is a line and I will be able to have a program in half a year. Yes, I understand maybe there are a lot of those who want to become patients of this center but maybe it is worth to develop clinic and to increase number of doctors in order to make all who want possible to have a treatment.

Vanessa: Good clinic inUkraine’s capital. I can’t say that it is European service… but in general nice center. As of effectiveness of treatment, yes, doctors are great and most clients have a positive result. Specialists of the clinic help us to win in the war with infertility)))) Surrogate mother delivered our biological child. We are happy parents.

Kelly: My opinion is that BioTexCom clinic is really of European level. Yes, of course Ukraine is not enough developed country yet. But step by step they try to reach high level. Clinic is great. Its workers meet all requirements and needs of patients. All medical tests that are needed, procedures and incredible service can be found in BioTexCom. We used surrogacy program and without problems receive a healthy child. We are happy and recommend this Ukrainian center everyone who has faced with infertility.

Karla: I can say that BioTexCom is an incredible clinic of reproductive medicine! First of all, all workers of the center are extremely friendly and careful. All the time they came to me and asked was it everything ok. We went through the IVF procedure with donor’s eggs as I can’t produce my own. Procedure was conducted perfectly and I felt myself good. Today I bring up pretty lady))) And I can say that till current day I have only positive impressions and say thank you BioTexCom very much!!!