Egg cell donation

Egg cell donation is a possibility to have children when it is impossible to get pregnant on own egg cells. We have egg cell bank in our clinic for egg cell donation, and we can offer you many young, attractive and healthy donors that will start the treatment and stimulation simultaneously with you.

Advantages of egg cell donation in our clinic

In our clinic, one client gets one egg cell donor; this means that you receive all egg cells that are produced by a donor over all treatment period. We do not have a so called “egg cells distribution”, the distribution of donor’s egg cells between patients. All our donors are young and are mommies (have 1 child minimum) that is why infertility treatment with the help of egg cells donation has all chances for success. To start an egg donation program you do not have to wait for a long time because we have a big bank of egg cells.

We choose donors in such a way, so that your characteristics would match donors’. In our clinic you receive fresh, not frozen embryos. Embryos develop to blastocysts (5 days), than 3 selected embryos are implanted. It is possible to freeze embryos that are left to use them next time if needed.

Criteria for egg cells donor in our clinic.

All our egg cells donors are under 30, average age is 26 years. All of them have at least one child (all children are healthy). All egg cells donors are attractive, intelligent and healthy. All of them pass general medical, gynecological, and psychiatric examination, during three months are tested for HIV, Hepatitis B and C.

What is egg cell donation?

For egg cell donation egg cell donor and client are needed. Egg cell donor undergoes IVF treatment to produce egg cells. Then egg cells are fertilized in the laboratory with the husband’s sperm or patient’s partner (or donor’s sperm). Donor egg cells are developed in embryos, among which one or two/three are transferred to the patient’s alvus. Frozen embryos that are left are the property of patient or her husband. After successful pregnancy patient delivers a child and becomes a mother.