Money refund after the program ends

Biotexcom clinic gives €1000 for a video! When fertility treatment is finally over and happy parents travel back home with their baby, they often film home videos with their newborn baby. We suggest you sharing your joy with other couples. Thus, you bring hope to those families who are in despair of happy parenting.


  1. Film a home or professional video with your baby (no shorter than 5 minutes);
  2. Tell about the treatment in Biotexcom that helped your baby to see the world (egg donation or surrogacy);
  3. Download your video to a YouTube channel (this may be your personal channel, or any other channel);
  4. Send us a link to your video (email);
  5. Get €1000!

Restrictions to the video:

  1. Both parents and baby should be in the video;
  2. Minimum duration of the video should be at least 5 minutes;
  3. Don’t forget to tell where you had fertility treatment;
  4. Your video should be active on YouTube channel for at least 2 months.

You want to send us your video, but you have questions? Feel free to contact us: (email).