Laser assisted hatching

Embryo must break the membrane for the successful pregnancy. There is a special method – laser assisted hatching in order for the embryo to break the membrane and make the process easier. This hole can be made mechanically with the help of pipette, special laser and is created with the biological acid. But there is no full certainty how to make the pregnancy rate higher with the help of this method. Following patient groups can have a successful laser assisted hatching:

  • Women aged over 37
  • Increased FSH level before treatment
  • Terminated embryo quality
  • Embryos with thick membrane
  • Unsuccessful attempts that were made earlier


How is this method fulfilled?

This method requires corresponding experience, laboratory and mentioned before fact about undefined factor – whether it will help to increase pregnancy rate.

Laser assisted hatching can be fulfilled with the help of different technologies:

Mechanical paracentesis with the help of micromanipulation and glass needle, embryo is held with the help of pipette. Tender needle does not touch and damage embryo cells. Membrane cautiously rubs between needle and pipette until a hole in the form of cut appears.

Laser cut:

  • Laser fiber in direct contact
  • Focused laser ray directs membrane with acid through microscope lenses