Necessary documents for an Embassy

All the documents should be original and if in Russian/Ukrainian then accompanied with certified translation into English. You should provide an additional photocopy of all supporting documents when you apply.

Documents required for surrogacy, when applying directly for a passport without registration

(only possible where surrogate mother is not married)

  1. C2 passport application form duly completed along with credit card authorisation form and photographs. Please check the website for detailed information.
  2. Commissioning parents’ passports.
  3. Documentary proof of biological father’s British nationality (e.g. long birth certificate or registration /naturalisation certificate).
  4. Child’s local birth certificate.
  5. Medical evidence of commissioning father’s genetic connection with the child (medical reports from the surrogacy clinic confirming his biological connection to the child).
  6. Surrogacy agreement.
  7. Surrogate mother’s internal passport or other documentary evidence of her marital status (e.g. marriage certificate, divorce certificate, evidence of changing the name, documents to support her claim to be single).
  8. Official document by the surrogate mother signing over responsibility and custody of the child to the commissioning parents. This must be signed after the child is born.
(download all in zip-archive)

Please note, that there is no facility to fast track applications purely on the basis that the child is born to a surrogate mother. Please check the website for the most up to date information about costs and processing time for passports.