Surrogacy, Biotexcom: how a couple from Sweden managed to get to Ukraine during the quarantine


They made it! Just in time for the birth of their long-awaited twins – a boy and a girl.

The story of a Swedish couple undergoing infertility treatment and using а surrogacy program at Biotexcom, Ukraine, shown on a Swedish talk show, moved the businessman so much that he paid for their charter flight to Kyiv. And now excited parents are waiting for the discharge of their babies on the doorstep of the hospital. Brother and sister were born healthy and of the same weight. And most importantly, they were immediately brought to their mom and dad. Unfortunately, not all babies were lucky to feel parental love from the very first days of their lives.

Many children, as you could see in the sensational video, are still waiting for their parents at the Venice Hotel. Nevertheless, most countries have already met the needs of their citizens and doing everything to help them reunite with their children as soon as possible.