Take care of your future even today! Eggs preservation at BioTexCom

Modern women are increasingly postponing the birth of a child, preferring first to assert themselves in society, build a career, find a soulmate, and gain financial independence in order to become a worthy example for their children in the future.

But nature has its own laws, and the desire of a woman to assert herself in life does not affect them. The number of eggs in the female body, which can be fertilized, decreases with each passing year, and the later it gets, the harder it is to get pregnant. In medical practice, this process is called the physiological aging of ovarian function – the woman’s ability to become pregnant independently decreases by the age of 37-38. By 43-45 years, most women are in the period of functional menopause (inability to conceive a child with their own eggs).

In addition, with age, the probability of chromosomal abnormalities increases, which can lead to such genetic diseases as, for example, Down’s syndrome. You also should not discount the probability of oncology diseases, involving radiation- and chemotherapy. In such case, the probability of becoming pregnant with genetically your child is 0%.

Given all the above, there is a need to preserve the eggs with the possibility of their further fertilization. The method of cryopreservation of own healthy eggs becomes more and more popular. The essence of this procedure is the freezing of cells in liquid nitrogen at -196 ° C. This allows stopping all the biological processes of cells, and makes it possible to store them for a long time, until the woman is ready for pregnancy.

Cryopreservation of fertile eggs at the peak of childbearing age (from 18 to 28 years) will make it possible to bear your own child in the future without the threat of miscarriage with virtually no risks.

The method of eggs cryopreservation is offered by the BioTexCom center. If you preserve your healthy fertile cells, you can feel calmer and not worry about the reproductive age, or that you will not be able to have your children. Using the cryopreservation of eggs, you will be able to know the joy of motherhood when you are ready for and wish it yourself.