Ukraine is on quarantine, but clinic works in regular schedule

Dear clients, we are forced to announce that due to the spreading of the coronavirus all the borders in Ukraine are closed till the 3rd of April, which means that:

  • BioTexCom clinic provides all possible measures to avoid our clients’, donors’, and surrogate mothers’ contamination;
  • during the time of quarantine we recommend to minimize your movements in Kyiv if possible;
  • all the surrogate mothers are undergoing all the procedures according to medical treatment (including ultrasound diagnostics and tests);
  • our clinic conducts all the estimated procedures according to medical plans;
  • all the visits to maternity houses are suspended;
  • detailed information regarding upcoming childbirths and newborn care will be sent to the Intended Parents by our managers within the shortest period of time;
  • both children born during the quarantine and whose parents can’t arrive to the country will remain with round-the-clock babysitters at the Venice Hotel and will be provided with all necessary stuff;
  • in case of emergency please call 24/7 helpline +380984330235.

We hope the situation will change and get better soon. Our managers are ready to answer all your questions and provide you with any help.
The health and well-being of the children is our main priority, that is why we were obligated to apply such measures.


Take care of yourself!