Ukraine-Russia crisis: British couples undergoing IVF in Ukraine face being separated from their children by war

British couples undergoing fertility treatment in Ukraine face being separated from their children by an impending war – but many have said they are not deterred by traveling warnings, – Sky News

Rend Platings, from Cambridge, has suffered five miscarriages and told Sky News that she believes a BioTexCom fertility clinic in Ukraine is her “only hope” of having another baby. She intends to return to the country in March, for another round.

Speaking from Kyiv, support manager Konstantin Nekrasenko, from BioTexCom, said the fertility clinic has built an emergency bomb shelter to protect any babies born if a war was to break out.

Mr. Nekrasenko said that the clinic, which annually supports around 200 British families from the UK and Ireland for surrogacy and fertility treatment out of its 3,000 clients, was supporting British people concerned about what would happen if their babies were born to Ukrainian surrogates in the middle of a conflict.

‘Not many’ planning to avoid Ukraine

Mrs. Rend, who has a British friend expecting a baby to be born to a Ukrainian surrogate in April, said many Brits are “not planning to interrupt their journeys”.

“The current situation is putting people off. They’re at a stage where they can cancel or look at other options. But for some people, that just isn’t possible.”

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