The news about demonstrations in Ukraine quickly went round of the world. It caused some vigilance and fear of foreign citizens to go to Ukraine and especially its capital, Kiev. We hasten to assure you that the situation in Ukrainian cities, in particular in Kiev, is calm and safe for tourists. Ukrainian community organized maidan in order to support Euro integration of Ukraine and peacefully defend its positions. These events are absolutely safe for civilians. Revolutionary meetings take place only in the downtown and are located in one place. Therefore, foreign visitors can be calm and not afraid to come to Kiev.

Functioning of the BioTexCom clinic continues in the customary active conditions. Drivers of the medical center, as always, meet clients at the airport and bring them to the clinic or hotels where they will live. Center of revolutionary events does not intersect with the roads to the airport, clinic, or hotels for patients. You can get the thick of things of Euro maidan only if you special want to go there and see firsthand what is happening there.

Ukrainian Euro maidan was founded and are visited by all those who see Ukrainian state in the European community and manifest the active desire to become a part of Europe entering the European Union. Here one can see people of different ages, Ukrainian musicians who organize concerts to support activists, politicians and representatives of various social organizations. All events that take place on Independence Square are of a peaceful nature and do not affect the operation of capital airports, public transport, supermarkets and cultural institutions. About thirty cities of the world have also expressed their solidarity.

Ukrainians who live in Barcelona gathered money for the needs of Kiev Euro maidan and sent them to the capital. Meetings were also held in three largest cities of Portugal – Lisbon, Porto and Faro where people also gathered funds for Kiev activists. More than thousand people came to meeting in Warsaw. They went through the main streets with the slogan “Ukraine is Europe”, “We support Ukrainian maidan” and others. Ukrainians also were joined by the Polish politicians and public figures. Ukrainians who live in Italy, London, Dublin, Athens, Berlin, Prague, Paris, U.S.A cities, Moscow, Barcelona, Bologna, Brussels, Budapest, Oslo, Tbilisi, Helsinki and many other cities follow the events in Ukraine and support people who stand on the Kiev Maidan.