Acupuncture increases the success of IVF

This study analyzed data from more than 4 million patients who undergo the procedure of in vitro fertilization clinics in the US, where as an additional therapy they were assigned to receive acupuncture.

He told reporters the head of a group of scientists, Eric Mangeymer Medical Center of the University of Maryland, USA, “According to our observations, for fertility clinics, where the standard rate of successful pregnancy is above average, and this – 32% or more, that is, literally speaking , one shot of the three, acupuncture as a method of adjunctive therapy will not bring however whatsoever noticeable improvement in the number of successful fertilization. But at the same clinic where artificial insemination is performed less efficiently, acupuncture can be very useful additional measure. Over able to establish a certain connection: the lower basic level of successful fertilization in the hospital, the more it increases the acupuncture. ”

The results show that in the group of patients who underwent acupuncture, pregnancy rate was significantly higher (39%) than among patients, which was not carried out acupuncture (26%). At the same time carried out in 2 days after the transfer procedure not only did not improve pregnancy rates, but also reduce the positive effect of acupuncture carried out on the day of embryo transfer.

However, the researchers did not surprise anyone, because, according to statistics, that acupuncture is most commonly prescribed additional therapy in vitro fertilization in the United States. But scientists have already announced that they will carry out further research to ascertain how useful it can be for the acupuncture clinics less successful in terms of safety and cost.