BioTexCom – Center of Human Reproduction


We have a good reason to say so and work under such slogan.

Biotexcom is the only clinic in the world that provides 100% guaranteed result even for those clients who have already lost any hope for successful treatment. We are proud of being faithful to this principle for already almost 10 years.

Biotexcom’s principles helped us gain trust and confidence of our clients. All our clients finally travelled back home with their long awaited baby. It motivates and inspires us.

100% guaranteed result is provided even for those clients who had unsuccessful infertility treatments in other clinics all over the world. In most medical centers, you can be approved for surrogacy program only if they are absolutely confident that the very first attempt will be successful. We are ready to bear financial risks of all following attempts of conceiving and carrying pregnancy only because we are absolutely sure in proficiency of our gynecologists and embryologists. Our unique approach enables us to treat even those patients who haven’t got any help even from the best doctors from the USA and Israel. With the help of grateful clients, Biotexcom obtained the status of “last bastion for family happiness”.

Biotexcom benefits from “All-inclusive” system. “All-inclusive” system means that all expenses and possible risks are covered by the clinic. We take care of all exciting moments during your stay here so that you don’t have to worry about anything. All you have to pay for are your air tickets. We cover all other relevant expenses.

Such as all medical expenses including fees for surrogate mother and egg donor. All unforeseen and urgent expenses such as preterm birth, caesarian section and rehabilitation are also covered by the clinic.

Guidance of manager who speaks your language is a unique service that facilitates your surrogacy program greatly. Not only there will be no language barrier, but also you will have a good fellow who will stay in touch with you 24/7 and who will be able to understand your mentality peculiarities and your needs. Your manager accompanies you during all medical manipulations and procedures, organizes sight-seeing, assists in getting legal documents and baby passport. The procedure of getting all official documents is well known and familiar to us for already many years. Thanks to accurate legislative regulations and competent manager’s assistance, you will get your baby’s documents as quick as possible. Our managers and doctors often receive postcards and gratitude words from grateful parents on the day their babies were born with the help of our team. This is an ultimate reward for us.

Also you will stay in comfortable apartment with attendant stuff: housemaid, babysitter. They will take care of your meals, clean the house, babysit and help you stay in contact with clinic staff. Our driver will not only take you to and from the clinic and other relevant establishments, but also can take you for sightseeing around the city if you wish.

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