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Couples of any age can find happiness of parenthood in BioTexCom

Woman has celebrated her 40th birthday and still has no children. More and more often such situation can be seen in the modern world. But we can say with dead certainty that you’re beautiful woman, have already had a life wisdom and experience, achieved professional success and built a solid foundation to create a happy family! And right now it is the perfect time to give birth. Do not be confused by a great number of articles in the mass media telling that it’s practically impossible to get pregnant after 40, and this pregnancy will certainly be accompanied by a variety of complications and risks. We will not put you rose – colored glasses and insist that deciding to get pregnant after 40, you will be able to do it without difficulties. But let’s not forget about the fact that pregnancy in 25 years can be associated with all sorts of difficulties and complications as well. However, decision to become pregnant in the middle age has its great and important advantages. Firstly, woman has already achieved almost everything she wanted, and was formed as a person. Woman exactly knows what she wants and has reasonable goals. Secondly, by this time woman has already created strong family, and both husband and wife do everything together to give birth to a healthy baby. But, because of the age peculiarities, woman’s organism goes through a certain physiological changes that interfere the natural conception.

In such case woman has a sheet anchor in the form of assisted methods of reproductive medicine. Taking into account the latest achievements that have been reached by representatives of science and medicine, it can be said for sure that nothing is impossible, and you can bear a healthy baby at age of 40 and even later. These are not all mouth and no trousers. Let’s examine the world practice. Think for instance show business sphere. In the news sections, we often can see happy faces and comments of TV stars and singers, who became parents being in a mature age. Thus, Madonna has successfully given birth to her first child at the age of 38, and in 4 years she bravely decided to have a second child. Mariah Carey gave birth to twins being 42 years old, at the same age, Celine Dion, went through 6 attempts of IVF procedure and presented her husband healthy twins. This list can goes on and on.

Ukraine, in this issue, has pushed the boundaries and the whole world giving a head start in the use of the modern techniques of the artificial fertilization. In the recent years the level of late pregnancies has increased by 50%. Now the age of 40 years is not considered the late age for the birth of your first child. Today three times more women give birth to their first child after 35 than it was twenty years ago. According to the statistics, about 4% of women over 40 give birth naturally and more than 70% – with the help of egg donation program.

Ukrainian clinic of reproductive medicine BioTexCom is in the list of licensed medical centers to help women after 40 to become happy moms. This medical center helps women who are no longer able to have a baby naturally, due to the end of childbearing age, to find happiness of motherhood. Our doctors successfully conduct programs for women after 40 carrying out such procedures as IVF, ICSI, and egg donation. During the recent years, number of births (by women after 40) has been increasing. There are a great amount of positive examples when woman after 40 started a family with the help of assisted reproductive technologies. BioTexCom clinic are proud of incredible case when a 66 years old woman successfully gave birth to healthy twins, using egg donation! Basing upon years of practice, positive statistics, and just happy stories by parents who gave a birth to their long-awaited baby, we can say all that seems to be impossible at first – in fact, it is possible and real! Therefore, dear women! Do not be afraid, especially of your desire to become a mother in any age!