Multilanguage staff

Multilanguage staff makes clients stay in clinic more comfortable

Center for Human Reproduction BioTexCom has been rapidly gaining momentum, confidently shoots ahead its European competitors. Foreign patients who have faced with the infertility diagnosis can find a perfect treatment in our clinic. BioTexCom managers who help foreign patients to go through the medical program without difficulties are fluent in different languages: English, German, Italian, Spain, French, Romanian, Hebrew and Chinese. Therefore, clients can communicate with the manager and doctor the language they prefer. Managers who are in attendance on clients are accredited to work in the state institutions, as well as have an experience on working with documentation for surrogacy (Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassies). They organize all the work with the infertile couple, deal with all necessary documents and stay in touch with clients from the very beginning to the end of the medical program. Visiting foreign country you will never be left alone without help.

We always care for the maximum comfort of our patients. BioTexCom center has received an award for the best service and work with clients. All medical programs are thought over in clients’ favor. You pay a fixed sum and not a penny more. Patients have an opportunity to choose the most suitable medical package according to the diagnosis, and, in the case of unsuccessful outcome you will get all the money back. BioTexCom is the only reproductive medicine center in the world where you will be returned the full cost of the program in the case of failure. Methods of the work have been thought over in such way that doctors achieve desired result as quickly as it’s possible. Unique methods of work with embryos and preparation of donor / surrogate mother / allow BioTexCom specialists achieve high results in the field of reproduction.

Patients from all over the world visit BioTexCom clinic and find happiness of maternity / paternity here after numerous failed attempts of the IVF in different European clinics.