Best surrogate mothers

Best surrogate mother will carry your healthy child

A lot of thought went into surrogacy program formation in clients’ favor. Unlike other European clinics, price of surrogacy program in BioTexCom clinic is significantly lower and service is better than in the high-level European medical centers. Depending on diagnosis, clinic offers surrogacy program with donor or own oocytes.

Patients pay for the program on a phased basis:

  • 1st payment – during contract signing;
  • 2nd payment – after pickup / puncture procedure;
  • 3rd payment – when surrogate mother reaches 12th week of pregnancy;
  • 4th payment – after child’s birth;
  • 5th payment – final stage of the program, when married couple receives all documents and leaves the clinic with their baby.

Surrogacy is a program during which healthy woman carries a child for the infertile couple. This child is not biologically related to the surrogate mother and after his birth couple is considered to be biological parents.

First of all workers of the BioTexCom clinic will choose you an appropriate surrogate mother. Our medical center has a data base of surrogate mothers who meet all needed requirements.

The main requirements for the woman who will bear a child are:

  • good somatic health and possibility to undergo pregnancy with minimum risk to her own and baby’s health;
  • minimum one own healthy child;
  • good mental health.

Woman who will bear a child undergoes complex medical examination. In particular, such tests as:

  • blood type and Rh factor;
  • blood test for syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B and C;
  • test for venereal infections (clamidiosis, genital herpes, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, rubella, etc.;
  • urine analysis;
  • complete blood analysis + coagulability;
  • blood chemistry test: GPT, ACT, total bilirubin, sugar, BUN, etc;
  • fluorography;
  • smears on flora from urethra and cervical canal; level of vaginal cleanness;
  • cytological examination of smears from cervix;
  • examination by therapeutic and his report on the health’s state and absence of contraindications for pregnancy;
  • examination and report of psychiatrist.

Only 2 of 10 women who come to our clinic in order to become surrogate mother survive the cut. During pregnancy surrogate mother undergoes planned ultrasound investigation, medical examinations and all standard tests under supervision of the BioTexCom workers. After child’s birth, biological parents have the right immediately to see their baby and take care of him in the hospital from the first minutes of his life. Surrogate mother has no contacts with the newborn.

Surrogacy program from A to Z is led by client manager who organizes and conducts all its stages. Paperwork after child’s birth is also fulfilled by the BioTexCom specialists who are accredited to work in state institutions and have an experience in making documentation for the surrogacy programs (Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassies). Our welcoming workers help newly-crowned parents to receive all needed documents in order to leave Ukraine and come back home with their newborn without difficulties.

Center for Human Reproduction BioTexCom – your best choice for surrogate motherhood and egg donation! There is no absolute infertility! Welcome to the BioTexCom!