VIDEO: Over 500 surrogate babies abandoned in Ukraine after wealthy foreign parents barred from entering country over coronavirus

Over 500 newborn infants ordered by wealthy Westerners through surrogate agencies have been left without their parents in Ukraine due to the coronavirus crisis, with evidence including a shocking video of dozens of babies at the BioTexCom clinic in Kiev who are crying out for a parent that never came.

The BioTexCom clinic advertises itself as a Human Reproduction Center. In its catalog, prospective parents may find “attractive” offers on sale with pictures of smiling babies attached to them. For many, the price of the children is one of the most enticing features. Each one costs only €9,900.

There are even concerns that the huge rise in “inventory” may mean that these surrogacy companies may soon offer a sale to whoever can take the children off their hands.

Video recordings from BioTexCom’s Venecia hotel in Kiev are shocking – 46 beds with crying infants. These children are all the unclaimed product from BioTexCom — surrogate children ordered from poor Ukrainian women by rich Westerners through a surrogacy agency.

The closure of borders due to the pandemic has led to the buyers not showing up to pick up their infants, raising concerns over a human disaster that could unfold for each child.


In Europe, Ukraine is the leading country for surrogates. A “womb for hire” in Ukraine costs much less than in other countries, and the buyer has a guarantee that the child will be white.

This is an option that many gay couples utilize, allowing them to order and adopt children from such agencies.

It is estimated that more than 500 babies are waiting to be picked up ever since the borders were closed due to coronavirus, but the true number is hard to know due to the nature of the business.

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed many pathologies of the modern world. One of them is surrogacy, which is treating humans like goods, which can be ordered, produced and sold.

Now, no one has a clue what to do with these discarded children and caring for them is proving to be more and more costly for these firms.

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed many pathologies of the modern world. One of them is surrogacy, which involves treating humans like goods that can be ordered, produced and sold.

Yet what happens when the buyer does not claim their product? Are they stored? For how long? What if the buyer files a complaint and rejects the purchase because the product is past its “expiration” date?

In these modern human hatcheries lie hundreds of babies devoid of any motherly touch, parental warmth or selfless care after birth — devoid of love.

They are treated like objects whose only worth is the price they are being sold at.

The recordings from the hotel in Kiev speak volumes about our civilization.