Surrogate business is booming in Ukraine

Loud screams are heard from fifty baby throats in the video that surrogacy clinic BiotexCom in Kyiv distributed at the end of April 2020.

A room full of babies who couldn’t be picked up was one of the most bizarre images of the Corona pandemic.

The situation became untenable. Babies were born every day, and it was unclear when they could be picked up. Over a year and a half later, owner Albert Tochilovsky still feels short of breath when he thinks about it. Tochilovsky: ‘We were terrified, really terrified. Maybe it was all going to take a year. I can say it now because it turned out well, but we only showed a small part of the babies then. We had 150 at one point.

While our facilities actually only offer space for twenty.’ He shakes his head. ‘And of course, you can’t stop the births anymore. Imagine if we had five hundred here. We had started crying with the babies.’

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