11 Things to do When Preparing for an Embryo Transfer

The time before, during, and after your embryo transfer can be chaotic. Here is a list of 11 things to do to prepare and make your life easier during this hectic time.

  1.  Remove your nail polish. being as chemical-free as possible can make for a better embryo transfer.
  2.  wash your hair the day before the transfer. doctors recommend not wearing perfume or bathing with scented soap before the transfer. this includes your hair.
  3.  The day before the transfer, stay busy! Clean the house so that on transfer day, and the couple days following, you can relax, take it easy, and not feel stressed. A dirty house can add to stress.
  4.  Buy a few good magazines or a good book. Most intended parents arrive an hour early for transfers. Concentrating on an actual book can be difficult instead, bring some magazines, or   something more simple to read or browse to pass the time better.
  5.  Set up a “relaxation station” for yourself. Although post-transfer bed rest is unnecessary, the doctor suggested taking it extremely easy during the few days following the transfer. To help   with this, set up an area at your house where you can have everything you need in reach without having to move too much!
  6.  Meal Prep! Make foods for the week after your transfer so you don’t have to stress about what you’re going to eat. Here is also a list of foods that are good to eat to help improve embryo   transfers: • cayenne pepper (which increases blood flow faster than any other food)
    • avocado (studies have shown that IVFs done in people who eat avocado daily are 3 times more successful, probably due to the healthy fats that are present in avocado)
    • walnuts (which contain fatty acids called prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are needed for implantation.
    • eggs (one of my favorite protein-laden foods)
    • decaf hot tea (warm beverages are best, as they help warm the uterus)
    • pineapple (implantation aid)
  7.  A few days before the transfer, cut out the usual cup or two of decaf coffee per day, as well as any soda. Even if these things are caffeine-free, they should be avoided post-transfer due to their  acidity. Instead, drink room temperature water.
  8.  Double-check to make sure that the car you are planning on driving to the clinic has plenty of gas in it. Avoid having to get gas to or from your embryo transfer to reduce movement.
  9.  Pack everything the night before, as well as picking out your outfit for that day, reducing your stress as much as possible is essential to improve results.
  10.  Make a bucket list of two-week wait activities. It may seem trivial, but it can give you something to look forward to during the dreaded two-week wait. Make sure they are fun and light activities that will help take your mind off of waiting and help you enjoy that period!
  11.  Lastly, eat a healthy breakfast on the morning of your transfer. Depending on your transfer time, it could be a long time before you eat again, make sure to eat a big breakfast with plenty of protein!