BioTexCom Center for Human Reproduction: Medical and Sports Victories

When the world community speaks about reproductive medicine, Ukrainian clinics and companies, including BioTexCom, are increasingly referred to. The interest and popularity are absolutely reasonable: for European couples who have been unsuccessfully trying to become parents for years due to infertility or other medical problems, it is not possible to take advantage of surrogacy or egg donation programs. They are banned almost everywhere in their countries. In Ukraine, IVF programs that include surrogacy and egg donation are absolutely legal, and the legal framework clearly regulates all these issues.

BioTexCom – a big company with guarantees
“There is no absolute infertility” – with this slogan for 10 years, BioTexCom reproduction center not only gives hope to thousands fertility-challenged couples from around the world, but also gives a 100% guarantee that their dream of becoming a parent will come true. Despite the fact that reproductive medicine in Ukraine is developing every day, many couples are afraid to go here. They are frightened by the negative experience of other families who, hoping to get over infertility, came across small agencies. Such agencies, in their turn, have dealings with various private clinics, and they are not able to provide a full range of services to a couple.
BioTexCom is a big company, not an agency, which has at its disposal not only a reproductive clinic with a professional medical team, but also hotels and apartments for settling clients, personal transport, support staff, etc. That is, a couple coming to BioTexCom for treatment can completely relax and concentrate on diagnosis and treatment, and the team at the reproductive center takes all the hassle – from meeting at the airport to furniture for the baby when he or she is born. That is, the contract will end only after the birth of the long-awaited child, and insurance against unsuccessful attempts is already included in the cost of treatment. In addition, the price-list and terms of the contract are in the public domain, and any client of the clinic, if desired, can show them to his/her lawyer.
The volumes of IVF procedures performed in the clinic speak for themselves – more than a thousand per year: according to the results, BioTexCom occupies a leading position. And the quality of the reproduction center service has been awarded the Customer Service Award.

Victories not only in medicine, but also in sports
When you’re searching for information about IVF programs and clinics of infertility treatment in Ukraine, and the Internet search engine gives you sports news – do not be surprised. BioTexCom is a large company that is known for its champions not only in reproductive medicine, but also in sports, being the official sponsor of the “Borets” jiu-jitsu sports club and the BioTexCom baseball teams. Baseball players actively take part and win victories in the championships of Ukraine.
And the whole country can be proud of the trainees of the jiu-jitsu club: athletes participate and win in the all-Ukrainian and international competitions. In the World Championship, which was held in the United States, our sportsmen won two prizes. But the main pride of the clinic was the three young “golden” world champions in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (the competitions were held in Abu Dhabi, UAE). Sportsmen have the new International Championship in Brazil ahead, for which the BJJists are actively preparing with the support of BioTexCom. Therefore, the company can be justifiably proud of its victories in medicine and sports!