Cancer and pregnancy: how to give a birth after chemotherapy?

The question of “whether there is a pregnancy after cancer ‘no longer sounds like “Is there life on Mars”. Over the past couple of years, scientists have moved far in this direction. We have not yet learned how to prevent cancer, but we learn how to negotiate it.

For example, chemotherapy use to be a verdict to infertility but not anymore. The only task that oncologist’s patients decide for themselves is to use genetic material or the donors. We consider both options.

Using own genetic material

Chemotherapy drugs cause an artificial menopause to women and for men reduced levels of total and free testosterone and termination of pulse secretion. The causes and mechanisms of occurrence of such changes is now closely examines. And it is very likely that soon such side effects of anticancer drugs will not carry.

If the treatment of cancer occur up to 30 years old the resumption of fertility is possible. In later age isolated cases of recovery. But even in this case, doctors are advised to refrain from pregnancy for 3-5 years if the sperm or egg cells were susceptible to chemotherapy drugs.

There is a very reliable way to preserve the reproductive function is to think about freezing eggs and sperm before go through chemotherapy. This is very important information, we would advise to distribute among friends and acquaintances. To the fact that there are cases where doctors do not warn patients about the loss of fertility. Sometimes you meet such people, speak to them and understand how simple medical negligence can ruin the families and dreams about having children. But the only thing what should be done by doctor is to fully inform the patient of the consequences of the treatment and prevention opportunities. Modern technologies allow to store their genetic material in the cryo-chamber, and use it when needed by IVF.

Donors genetic material

To conceive a child you can use donor eggs and sperm. In what cases it would be the best option:

  • If a woman’s body still weak after cancer treatment
  • If the egg fence was held after 29 years old.
  • If you don’t have your own eggs or sperm.

Donor egg is fertilized artificially, and your endometrium is ready for replanting. 5 days after embryo can be implanting and wait for the pregnancy to develop.  The quality of patient egg is worse than donor egg. And that means a high probability of multiple attempts at fertilization and the likelihood of miscarriage. Modern methods of cancer treatment allow a woman to live a full life but health after treatment is still weak. And doctors often advise against exposing the body to such a test, as multiple IVF attempts.

Statistics of successful birth of a healthy child with donor eggs is very encouraging – from 50 to 70% success rate with the first attempts. These excellent results are due to a perfect health and young age of the donor. According to the standard annual research institutes and clinics of reproduction, till 29 years old chances to successfully conceive and bear with the use of donor eggs grip at around 70%. And probability that a child will be born healthy gets to 100%, as the donor material is checked for a set of criteria. By the age of 42 they reach the level of 7%.

Anyway, in matters of reproduction cancer is no longer a judgment. Share this information – perhaps for some it will be an occasion to reflect on the creation of a “genetic insurance fund” for themselves. After all sometimes full information can save people’s lives.