Child’s sex determination by using method PGD : ethical aspects

Most of the parents don’t care about sex of their future child. As people says : ” Healthy – and that’s enough”. But the only way to indicate  every aspect of genetic  health of the embryo (by punctuating  one of  cells 3 days embryo) is PGD. As well this method give us a chance to find out child gender. So why not to use this advantage? Especially for the couples who been blessed with boys and who desperate for a girl, or if you have a few daughter and dream about son.

PGD for the purpose of determining sex of the child by itself – is as ethical as IVF. In the fact that the number of in-vitro fertilization embryo obtained in any case is more than transfer to the woman and it’s just impossible to transfer all of them. And much more than will survive. PGD as a method allow you to choose the strongest embryo to maximize chances, choosing child gender can be a bonus.

In some countries sex determination by using method PGD is illegal, there is a worry that everyone will choose boys. Such countries like Australia, India, Canada, France, Japan.

Since 2012 in Russia you need to provide a sufficient number of reasons for the PGA – sex determination not one of them. Also in Switzerland, even after the law on artificial insemination has been revised, still remained rigid restrictions on the procedure. Right now it’s possible only if the pre-implantation diagnosis have a  high risk of serious hereditary disease of the unborn child .

Another countries move even further and explain forbidden of PGD by difference in embryo rights with pathologies. In 1990  in Germany method PGD been banned by «Embryo protect act». In the UK, the use of PGD is controlled by RAUF – Fertility Society and Embryology.

By Israel law you aloud to choose you sex of your future child if you have 4 or more children the same gender already. Besides, to get permission, you need to take a lot of permits. This is often delayed for years.

Very often these laws been accepted under influence of human rights organizations. After all statistic show that the choice of boys and girls are about 50/50, that’s why we can not consider demographic suggestion.

Some people say PGD can cause damage to embryo, but as we know biopsy of 3 day old embryo is absolutely safe procedure as embryo consists about 8-10 cells by that age.

Among antagonists the PGD  are people who against of preferring one embryo to another. But parents choose only a set of the primary characteristics (genetic health of their future child). Is there are something wrong in wish to have a healthy child? But, after all, some embryo should be chosen anyway, and someone – isn’t.

Anyway PGD is up to you, but you have to make a conscious decision without superstitious influence.