Future Mothers! Look Before Your Leap!

7 things that are strictlyprohibitedfor future mothers.

Every woman who gets to know happy news that she is pregnant and soon will give birth to the long-awaited baby, of course, wants him to healthy and without any deviations. Therefore, during 9 months, all pregnant women should adhere to certain rules. In particular, there are things that are strictly prohibited for expectant mothers and doing them woman can harm the unborn baby. These are:

  • first of all, expectant women should give up on the use of any alcohol beverages, nicotine and drugs!;
  • it is strictly prohibited to reach the state of fatigue. Always remember that health and safety of the baby is more important than any business. In particular, overwork during pregnancy causes abnormal (insufficient) weight of newborn;
  • do not carry weight things during pregnancy. Tension of the abdominal wall can cause uterine contractions, and due to it – premature birth;
  • do not overstress your back. During pregnancy, pressure on woman’s back  increases greatly, so pregnant woman should minimize any additional stresses on her back;
  • avoid adrenaline feelings. Frequent intake of adrenaline in the blood of pregnant women can negatively affect formation of psychological activity of a child. So it is better to postpone extreme emotional bursts until baby’s birth;
  • do not trust everyone and everything. Usually, during pregnancy period woman becomes more suspicious, trusting and emotionally unstable, and therefore can easily follow wrong advices of relatives, friends and acquaintances;
  • do not be afraid to trust your instincts. Do not ignore your own desires and fears: during pregnancy women’s intuition increased, and she should listen to what organism tells.