New law in China – now they are allowed to have 2 children

As reported by the agency “Xinhua” on Thursday 29 of October China ends “one – child policy”, allowing families have two children.

According to the agency every family in China can have 2 children.

Demographical “one – child” policy was accepted in China in 1970s. It touches the most of the Chinese families with the exception of the inhabitants of individual regions and representatives of certain ethnic groups.

Adopting “one-child” policy, China is forced by law to limit family size, since large population overload it land, water and energy resources. During the course of this policy the average number of children born per woman in China has decreased from 5.8 to 1.8.

Restrictions do not apply to cases of multiple pregnancies. It is also allowed to have two children per family in the village, if the first child was a girl. Furthermore, the use policy was depended on province. For example, residents of the capital were allowed to have two children if one of the parents was an only child.

As on 2015, China is still the leader among all the countries in the world in terms of population. The country is home to one billion 368.66 million people. The population density in China is 139.6 people per square kilometer.