New single mom at 66 sparks Swiss ethics row


Incredible case in reproductive medicine! Ukrainian doctors have proved their complete professionalism once again! Woman, citizen of Switzerland, had reached 66 years old but due to a certain reasons could not have children in natural way. But she did not come quietly.

Finding out about assisted methods of reproductive medicine woman had understood that it is the only way to solve her problem of infertility. Therefore she visited five different countries where this brave and resolute woman went through in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure. But brick by brick procedures were not crowned with a success. Nevertheless women tried again and again and as a result she was conducted twelve attempts of IVF. It is worth noting that not every person can withstand such a great number of IVF attempts, it concerns both physiological and psychological sides of the issue. It was also hard because in Switzerland IVF is only permitted if parents are young enough to raise children to maturity. And as for the sperm and egg donation the first one is limited to married couples and the second is forbidden at all. In this situation, in addition to woman’s age, she was 66 years old at that time she is also a single woman. Not surrendering herself to despair, mother-heroine went to Ukraine. As, this country conducts all procedures concerning reproductive medicine absolutely legally. And there is no age limit for the surrogacy and IVF procedures carrying.

So, Ukraine was the only advantageous country to make her cherished dream of becoming a happy mother at last come true. Swiss woman got to know about BioTexCom center of human reproduction that is in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. A well-known medical center, with a positive reputation and high birth rate received such patient with pleasure and warm atmosphere. Studding the situation in details, making all necessary tests doctors of BioTexCom center made a decision that woman can bear child herself using in-vitro fertilization method. And, lo and behold!!! After the second attempt pregnancy test at last has shown two so long-awaited strips!!! Swiss woman gave birth of healthy twin boys.

Mother – heroine is a church pastor, and she is the oldest woman ever to give birth in Switzerland. Of course, such case caused a number of views. And opinions divided. One local newspaper accused her of selfishness and irresponsibility, saying that by the time her sons become teenagers she will be in an old people’s home. But woman says that she does not care opinions of other people. It is the most blessedness in her life and she wants to enjoy the event in peace.