OPINION: Surrogacy story – the one that made a difference

AS A journalist I have met some amazing people, seen some terrible things and written some stories that absolutely break my heart.

But when they make a difference, when something I have written helps someone – that is all that matters and it makes me so proud.
Recently I interviewed a beautiful couple who after 17 rounds of IVF and more than $100,000 out-of-pocket had been told their only chance of becoming parents is through surrogacy.

I was expecting it to be a hard call. And it was. There was lots of tears – on both ends.
I have been vocal in sharing my own IVF journey – something that I thought was going to destroy me – but after four long years we finally got what we dreamed of: a beautiful baby boy and now, a beautiful baby girl.
I feel so incredibly lucky.

Speaking to this couple I could relate – the injections, the doctors’ appointments, the procedures, the hope, the despair, the heartbreak.
But I got my outcome, I have my family.
This couple, they are still trying and hoping and praying.
So I offered to help tell their story – a small gesture in the grand scheme of things. But it made a difference. Such a big difference.
Their story is an incredible one of resilience, faith and remarkable selflessness. And it touched thousands of people.


Alexia Purcell is News Regional Media’s social media editor.

You can connect with Alexia on her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/alexiajpurcell