Our clients about their experience in BioTexCom (audio)


We are the Spanish couple.

Under the circumstances of life I was diagnosed with serious illness that made me impossible to gestate. It destroyed our dreams to become parents until we got to know about the alternative to transfer the embryos to another woman that would be able to gestate for us.

To begin with, we tried in other country, but it didn’t go well. It is truth. And then we desperately began to find other options, until we were lucky to find Biotex in Ukraine.

Well, everything went very well. We had the first visit and in two months the surrogate mother was found for us. There was success with the first attempt.  We achieved the pregnancy. During nine months the personnel of the clinic served us very well. They informed us periodically about all the ultrasounds. They sent ultrasounds, videos and reports of ultrasounds to us. The process for parents is very difficult in the distance. They tried to manage everything in the best possible way. When the baby was born, they were with us, all the time, they always accompanied us. They worked to get all the necessary documents to obtain the passport of the baby. And when suddenly we lacked one document, the personnel got it for us.

We are very glad about our experience, we are very glad about the clinic. We are glad about personnel. We are glad that we found Biotex to do such procedure.