Spanish couple tell success story in BioTexCom (audio)


Hello, good afternoon! We are the Spanish couple. We have been married approximately for four years and since then we started inquiring possibility to have children, looking for the fertility center.

Then, we saw that one of the options that were suitable for us was adoption. However, after verifying it with the authorities and centers specializing in this case, we realized that it was much more difficult than we had imagined before. And despite of that it was not heap, it required a lot of time.

So, we got to know from the articles and reports on the television about many people  that had surrogacy. It sounded very rare and strange for us, and also very difficult. Then we started finding out who were the experts or well aware in this field. We saw that obviously it didn’t practice in Spain, but it could be done in many countries.

First, we decided to go to Mexico in summer. We decided to go to the capital because we had thought that there or in some other state, in particular, it could be conveyed in a safe way. But all that we saw did not seem  convenient for us. We continued seeking other options and one of them, one that seemed more valid for us was to go to Ukraine.  We saw it was legal there and we saw various centers where it was practiced and had experience.

We also got to know that they could do it not only for Ukrainian citizens but for foreigners, too. So, the next step was to come to Ukraine. It was a year ago. We visited various clinics. One of them was obviously Biotex. We had the meeting with the personnel; they explained conditions, form of work, terms of the program, the topic of donors and surrogates, and other details. After comparing with some other centers in Kiev, we saw that Biotex was the most interesting for us.

Apart the price, that is important, however it is not so decisive as the fact of guarantees that are provided by centre. We found advantageous issues that were included in the package of assistance and treatment that let various attempts, because in some cases it is necessary one, two, three attempts. It is important to think that although there are not alterations in price. Fortunately, we succeeded with the first attempt, and we did not need any more attempts. The other aspects that we took into consideration was personal assistance in our native language, in particular,  provided by Alina. We liked it very much.

There were other important aspects that we find very important for staying for several weeks.  Everything was satisfactory. The accommodation and maintenance were included. We were staying at a place that was very good for living with babies. We had other included things such as personal visit of pediatrician at home to see the evolution of baby. There were also transfers. Biotexcom arranged them when we had to go to hospital or to get to the clinic. They also prepared all the necessary documentation that was required at the end. With all these things our evaluation of Biotexcom is positive, we are very glad!