Surrogacy: babies are waiting for their parents

Dear parents, if you cannot cross the border and come to Ukraine for your baby now, do not despair. Some countries have already started to cooperate with their citizens and initiated the legal process. Biotexcom lawyer Denis German is constantly in touch with parents who seek to get to Ukraine to their children, providing advice and legal assistance.

Take action, and everything will work out!

Meanwhile, the administrator of the Venice Hotel, where our little guests are now waiting for their parents, will tell us about the everyday life of newborns. How do babies live? Who and how takes care of them? How are their feeding, nutrition, and walks organized? We can only guess how it feels now for the parents of these sweeties, who are forced to stay thousands of kilometers from their long-awaited children.

Let us remind that because of quarantine, most countries of the world, including Ukraine, have temporarily closed their borders. And therefore, now parents do not have the opportunity to pick up their newborns and, thus, are forced to communicate with them only online. By the way, soon you will be able to see for yourself how the broadcast of these touching meetings takes place.

We will keep you informed about everything that is going on now, stay tuned for updates on the Biotexcom channel.