Surrogacy in BioTexCom 29900 € – is it justified price?

Some years ago words “surrogate mother” evoked doubtful and despicable opinions, views of people who have no problems with child bearing. Today, surrogacy is a wide spread procedure, and what is the most important, great way to solve problem of infertility. Since the beginning of time, question concerning mental and ethical side of this issue has been arising. Of course, surrogacy, as well as most things, has two sides of the same coin. On the one hand, surrogate mother contributes help couple who can not bear child in a natural way, and receives financial assistance for this. But on the other hand, it must be extremely difficult psychologically to carry a child during nine months and after that to give biological parents child back. Sure enough, with the course of time, these sides of issue do not change nevertheless modern society takes surrogacy theme more democratically than previous generations.

Surrogacy is rather popular program in the BioTexCom clinic. It is conducted by transferring cells of biological parents into the womb of surrogate mother. In consequence of such procedure, surrogate mother only bears a child but biologically he has any bearing on her. In most cases, women take a chance to have recourse to become a surrogate mother due to the financial side of the issue. Because of the unstable political and economic situation inUkraine, many families go through financial difficulties. Nevertheless, parents wish their children to receive a degree, have a comfortable accommodation and appropriate level of living. Therefore, women who meet all needed medical indexes participate in surrogacy program. We have communicated with one of surrogate mothers; learn about feelings and thoughts of these heroic women and biological parents.


Correspondent: How did you find yourself in the BioTexCom clinic and what can you say about its service and program fulfillment?   

Biological Parents: Due to medical reasons we can not quick with a child in natural way. With the help of Internet we have found this clinic, in addition we read a lot of positive comments concerning BioTexCom. In addition, cost of surrogacy inUkraine is far less than in other European countries. It is 29900 Euro. And all we need being in a foreign county is inclusive in this sum. We consider it’s a great program and this money is worth it. So, we decided to have a surrogacy program just here. We were pleasantly surprised with a high speed of managers’ work. Firstly, we were afraid a little, kind of it’s a foreign country and we do not know much about it and its medicine. But we phoned for the first time, English manager kindly consulted us and we started to cooperate. When we arrived inUkraine,Kiev, clinic’s driver met us in the airport and we were given into hands of our great manager.

Correspondent: Was it difficult for you to make a decision concerning surrogacy? 

Biological Parents: Yes, it was. To say you the truth, of course we were afraid and it was difficult to render such a decision. But it is our cherished dream to become parents and to take our own child in our hands. And, taking into account the fact that it is a good medical institution we have made it and now we have been waiting for our child J

Correspondent: How do you like Ukraine, its citizens and traditions? 

Biological Parents: Oh,it’s a great state! We like it very much. As we work in science sphere we even were invited to take part in the conference that took place in one of the nationalKiev universities. So, we have a great opportunity to communicate with Ukrainian youth. And in general,Kiev is very beautiful city with a great number of places of interest that are worth seeing.

While we were speaking with the biological parents their surrogate mother was examined by ultrasound investigation. She is on the 12th week of pregnancy. Surrogate mother says that she feels good and it is her 3rd pregnancy. She has two own children and it was not very difficult for her to start participation in such program as she wants her children to have a good education and appropriate life conditions. Surrogate mother also does not forget about a great mission that she has been fulfilling.

Surrogate Mother: I am extremely happy that in such way I can help these people. We have made a pal of biological parents and it’s pleasant for me to make their dream come true. They can not have children due to a certain medical reasons so they will become happy parents with my help.

Correspondent: Is it difficult psychologically to understand that after act of delivery you will have to give a child back?

Surrogate Mother: I can say that firstly it was a little bit sad and creepy while thinking about this fact but here, in clinic, psychologist and our manager do their bit. They have spoken with me on this theme and everything is o.k. I feel myself good and I am happy to help other people.

Correspondent: Will you communicate with biological parents after they leave Ukraine with their children?

Surrogate Mother: Yes, I hope that we will maintain our friendly relations with each other in future. Biological parents also prefer to communicate in future. I also want to thank managers of the BioTexCom clinic because with their help we have an opportunity to communicate (clinic’s staff includes professional translators) and to go through all needed procedures without any problems.

BioTexCom center is one of the best clinics of reproductive medicine in the world. From year to year, thousands of couples who can not bear a child solve problem of infertility inKievvisiting BioTexCom. Team of professional medical workers, lawyers, translators tries their best to help those who have faced the problem of infertility. There is no absolute infertility! Welcome to the BioTexCom center!