Surrogate Babies Stranded In Ukraine Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

A shocking video shows almost 50 surrogate babies stranded in Ukraine due to the coronavirus lockdown. Some 46 newborns are crammed in a dormitory at the Venice Hotel in capital city Kyiv, in what looks like a baby factory as reported by The Daily Mail.

They are due to be collected by parents from the UK, USA, Italy, Spain, France, Israel, Germany, China, Mexico, Romania, and other countries.

Parents have paid between £5,745 and £57,365 for services from the organisation but they are unable to collect the children because Ukraine’s borders have been closed as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Commercial surrogacy – where a woman agrees to bear a child for someone else in return for money – is illegal in most European countries including the UK but is permitted in Ukraine.

The crying children are being cared for by staff but the images have alarmed the human rights ombudsman for the Ukrainian parliament, Liudmila Denisova.

In her words:

A video was spread on social media and shared via a website of one of Kiev clinics. It showed 46 babies who are currently in one of the Kyiv hotels. All these babies were born by surrogate mothers for citizens of various foreign states. This video confirms that the situation with the provision of surrogacy services by this clinic is mass and systemic, and surrogacy technologies are advertised and presented as high-quality goods.

The babies are advertised by the firm BioTexCom which appears to have British links and describes itself as a ‘centre for human reproduction’.

Denis Herman, the company’s lead lawyer, said the babies were there because Ukraine ‘is among the countries that have completely closed the borders due to Covid-19’.