Surrogate – IP Relationships

Many intended parents may be skeptical of using surrogacy to grow their family. Many of these couples fear that the woman carrying their child for this nine-month period may change her mind and decide she no longer wants to give the baby up, and will leave and raise the child as their own. Fortunately, according to the Law of Ukraine it’s impossible here. A surrogate autom…atically gives up all the rights and obligations to any future created child from intended parents’s genetic material. This means that once a child is born from surrogacy, the surrogate releases all rights and obligations as their parent and must hand over the child to the intended parents once the birth occurs.

In many instances, intended parents choose to have a relationship with their surrogate following the pregnancy, in which they have an open line of communication. From phone calls to letters, pictures to occasional visits, depending on the status of your relationship with your surrogate this may be.

While most intended parents are invested in being a part of a surrogate’s life, others may choose to receive information on a need-to-know basis. Parents who decide to take this route are usually preparing for life after birth and a separation from the surrogate. In no way does this choice reflect their attitude towards the surrogate or her valuable service.