The risks of egg cell donation

The instructions to all pharmacy medications listed possible side effects, it is long, but no one worry about this because it’s rarely happens. The same is situation with the egg cell donation. Every organism is individual and it can react unpredictably to any interference very rarely. It happened in 1 case of 1000 (if it happened more often – the manufacturer would be banned in the world as a dangerous).

But we have to warn you about any possibility of side effects.

Every woman from the moment she was born has 6-7 million egg cells. When she gets to reproductive age, every month matured about 10-12 egg cells. But to become a donor you need to donate more than 12 egg cell, this is why doctors using special medications which causing the so-called super ovulation. They need about 30-40 egg cells which is not a big number compare to 6-7 million exciting in the woman body, it can be enough for a donation and her own children.

List of drugs which causing super ovulation:

Humegon, Repronex, Metrodin, Fertinex, Diphereline, Gonadotropin, Lupron. Your prescription will be depends on individual characteristics. All this drugs are hormones and the purpose of them all is the same: to temporarily increase the body’s levels of estrogen, so the ovaries will develop more egg cells.

Side effects can be due to inadequate reaction of the organism on a surge of estrogen. For the first you need to understand that artificial increase of the estrogen lasts a maximum of a month, for the second the level of estrogen change in everyday life, without drugs, in particular – during pregnancy.

But let’s see what side effects can be:

  • swelling in the ovarian hyperstimulation (usually they are very minor)
  • frequent changes of mood
  • depression
  • weight gain

Some put thrombosis to the side effect because of swellings, but it is impossible as before the procedure woman have check-up on the tendency to form blood clots. Often you hear about infection vile during the puncture, bleeding etc. It can happen only because of unprofessional doctors.

Development of cancer after invested hormones is the most frequently discussed fear (states that some types of cancer susceptible to increased estrogen), scientist for many years study this question, but link was not found.

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