The unique technique of individual donor selection

Certainly, the choice of the egg donor is the most important step for parents, who need woman’s genetic material. Nature is a multi-faceted thing, and the main expert`s task of reproductive medicine clinics is to anticipate it and predict the outcome. Today, there was developed a unique method of 3D modeling appearance of a child, using a three-dimensional model of the donor and the child’s father. How does this happen?

To begin with, each donor is fixed in the photo and video with the help of special 3D technology, so you may see a woman from all sides, zooming in and out the image. On the basis of this material, there is created an anthropometric and physiognomic portrait of the woman, and then her basic characteristics are digitized. After receiving the same data about the future father they can be superimposed on each other and predict the possible appearance of a child.

In addition, the other data, such as the IQ of the donor, education, abilities, inclinations and state of health down to small details (like dental health), temperament and character traits are also calculated. There is also explored the history of the family – parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, questions about existing child donor are also asked.

It is important that the donor base is as widely as possible, then you simply have more options and choices to make.

You can choose the features that are inherent to you or those, which you have dreamed of for a long time and which you would like to see in your child. The choice is yours!