Three is company! A child from three parents now in Ukraine!

The inability to conceive a child in a natural way is a huge tragedy and a problem for many couples all over the world. Families, faced with infertility, spend a lot of money and years of life trying to achieve a long-awaited pregnancy. Fortunately, today the diagnosis of “infertility” is no longer a sentence, and there are methods that allow you to become parents, even in the most hopeless cases.

Mitochondrial donation is one of such unique methods, which allows a woman who couldn’t conceive a baby for years to get pregnant and independently carry a child. The correct work of egg mitochondria, namely, their active functionality contributes to the successful conception. Consequently, for women who have this activity missed or damaged, for one reason or another, it is necessary to implant healthy donor mitochondria.

The mitochondrial donation program includes three main elements: a donor with normal healthy mitochondria, a mother’s egg cell, and a father’s sperm cell. Donor mitochondria allow the eggs of the infertile patient to work as it is necessary for successful conception. At the same time, a donor egg cell is not needed, but only mitochondria with high functional activity.

Such a program allows 40+ women to become pregnant, who could conceive a child through IVF only thanks to a donor egg cell. The program is also designated for patients who have undergone numerous unsuccessful IVF attempts. With mitochondrial donation, the chances of a successful pregnancy increase significantly. It is much easier to achieve the desired pregnancy with functionally active mitochondria.

In Ukraine, such a program is carried out by the specialists of the BioTexCom center. With the necessary equipment, a team of professional specialists with international experience, as well as loyal legislation in the field of ART, Ukrainian doctors successfully introduce modern methods of infertility treatment.