Women who consume more than one sugary drink a day while undergoing IVF cut their chances of conceiving, Harvard study reveals

Women who consume sugary drinks while having IVF cut their chances of conceiving, new research reveals.

Drinking more than one sugary beverage a day reduces a woman’s chance of having a live birth after IVF by 16 percent, a Harvard University study found.
Having just one sugary drink a day lowers the chance of successful IVF by 12 percent, the research adds.
Sugary drinks also reduce the number and maturity of a woman’s ovarian cells, as well as lowering the amount of high-quality embryos, the study found.
Previous research suggests sugar stimulates the release of stress hormones that affect the health of the reproductive system. Eggs and embryos may also fail to thrive in high blood glucose environments.
Researchers from Harvard University analyzed 340 women undergoing IVF between 2014 and 2016.
The study’s participants were investigated during the second stage of IVF treatment, known as ovarian stimulation, when the goal is to harvest as many mature eggs as possible from the ovaries.
They completed a questionnaire to assess their drink consumption.
The participant’s IVF outcomes were determined through their medical records.treatment