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    • 03 APR 17
    Biotexcom at Families through surrogacy conference 2017

    Biotexcom at Families through surrogacy conference 2017

    Here is a video taken at the time of our participation at the FTS conference in Dublin, Ireland. BioTexCom clinic was represented by two main managers of the clinic: Anastasia Aleksandrova who’s been the Head of English Department for years, and Yaryna Datsenko, a very successful Egg donation manager.

    The conference was very client-oriented, there were a lot of Intended Parents and although the theme of the meeting was Surrogacy there’s also been covered the Egg donation topics. Anastasia was primarily talking about BioTexCom clinic and its role in helping Intended Parents all over the world. As Ukraine has become a very desirable option for those who seek surrogacy and due to many reasons cannot or do not want to pursue it elsewhere except Ukraine. She also made it clear that BioTexCom is one of the best clinics not only in Ukraine but all over the world. Thanks to this conference we gained a lot of new clients and continue working for you!

    Photos from the Families through surrogacy conference that took place in London on the 11th of March and in Dublin on the 12th of March.  You can see the detailed Anastasia’s presentation on the WEB-site of the conference here.


    Here are some photos taken at the conference: