Film your BioTexCom program in Georgia or Kazakhstan and get a reward!

Our dear and respected clients of BioTexCom!

Couples who have agreed to undergo or are already undergoing their surrogacy program in Georgia or Kazakhstan (we have already launched such programs in test mode) – we are turning to you!

Film all the stages of your program (from arrival to the airport, accommodation, meeting with a surrogate mother, paperwork, maternity hospital, and before leaving home) and send this video to us for a financial reward.

The reward will be discussed individually with everyone who wants to share their video.

Your video blog about all the stages of your surrogacy program,  your impressions, and your emotions will help other couples who still have doubts or are afraid to start the program but need it. These videos are so important for families who start this journey! If you are familiar with the couples in the program, support them in their desire to make a video blog about their surrogacy story.