Indications for surrogacy

It is rather serious and important decision to use services of surrogate mother. But first of all, making such a decision, couple must 100% make sure that they cannot get pregnant in natural way. Doctor must make a diagnosis of infertility or inability to conceive and/or bear a child. In such case, wife and husband are able to use services of surrogate mother. Further, you will find main indications for surrogacy:

  • Rokitanskoho syndrome (it is a congenital or acquired deficiency of female genital organs development due to which formation of internal female reproductive organs is imperfect, and as a result woman has no vagina or it is very short, uterus may also be absent or have the abnormal structure);
  • various diseases of internal organs, due to which child bearing is contraindicated (a large group of diseases that can be of infectious, toxic, thermal, mechanical nature);
  • repeated unsuccessful IVF attempts with getting high quality embryos transfer of which does not result in pregnancy (after unsuccessful IVF procedures, patients may use surrogacy or freezing embryos to increase chances of obtaining a pregnancy by allowing multiple transfers from one fresh IVF cycle.  However, many couples may not have any embryos to freeze; in such case surrogacy is the only way).
  • deformation of alvus’s cavity or cervix (due to congenital abnormalities or diseases);
  • synechia (adhesion inside cavity) of uterine cavity, which is not treatable (it is usually consequence of uterine trauma that can be caused by: infections, prolonged use of intrauterine devices (IUDs), post-abortion or post-labor curettage; cesarean sections due to which there were infection problems; surgery to extract myomas or polyps);

In these cases you can fall back upon surrogacy procedure.

While choosing a surrogate mother the right decision is to apply to a specialized clinic of reproductive medicine for surrogate mother screening. It must be an official medical institution that is fully responsible and accountable for all its activities. Such is BioTexCom clinic. Here, our specialists give you detailed information which assists patients to make the right decision and ensure that the contract is drawn up absolutely correctly. Doctors of BioTexCom clinic will present you with our database of surrogate mothers, who have undergone all medical tests according to the Ukrainian legislation and give you information about all payments, in particular those made to a surrogate mother in compensation. In BioTexCom clinic we are able to manage both domestic and technical questions concerning surrogate motherhood at different stages of the process. Our workers will choose the best package of services for you personally. If there is a valid reason to change the surrogate mother – center will assist you in this delicate situation. Staff of BioTexCom clinic advises and/or solves all questions together with appropriate specialists, in particular legal experts and psychologists protecting privacy and confidentiality of all our patients.