“The flip side of medal”. Moral and ethical aspects of surrogate motherhood

I think everyone ever read, think or talk about unethical part of surrogate motherhood in relation of surrogate mother. This is why for now we will leave this popular question and propose you to talk about “flip side of medal” – about women rights to bear child for another couple.

“My body is my own business” – One of the fundamental postulates of feminism and democratic society. Women in many countries fight for the right to do abortion, right to wear any clothe which they like without judging and sexual harassment. So why did we decide we have right to choose for surrogate mother, why do we think we are more clever?

Perhaps the roots of this feeling rising from the subconscious, a very deep and disguised relation to the surrogate mother, who are mostly women-residents of poor countries, as less intelligent and educated people for which we are entitled to make a decision. But then all of our tolerance and humanity doesn’t worth anything.

Even so the level of education of women in most poor countries is quite high they still become a surrogate mothers because usually, a teacher or a doctor in those countries does not guarantee a decent income to feed herself – not to mention a child (who have such one because access to surrogate program can only get women who gave a birth).

This is not the only controversial issue of surrogate medicine. The ban on egg freezing people of reproductive age, the prohibition surrogate motherhood and donations – but permission for IVF, and this is not a complete list. And each requires need separate consideration – what we are going to do in future articles